My Black Body Overseas


My Black Body Overseas presents a series of images that encapsulate a week-long vacation that Sydney Stewart took to Europe in September 2018. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and memories consciously and subconsciously can be captured through the competence of technology. Not only do cameras give the ability to go back in time, but they also give the capacity to review possible feelings. However, as the saying goes, "the more fun you have, the less you are on your phone." In My Black Body Overseas, Stewart questions this statement. Why can’t happiness and being on your phone be intertwined? Is every moment we experience a strange coincidence? Are the consistencies in life something we must force ourselves to pay more attention to? Stewart investigates these inquiries, as well as finds the meaning of living in the moment while documenting anything and everything. Her work is a digital collage displayed trough still images. Each collage is centered around the key themes of fashion, family, and time.