Mechanisms at Work


Saba Golmohammadi is an Iranian born, freelance Graphic Designer studying Graphic Communications and New Media Arts at Baruch College. With her roots from Tehran, Iran, Golmohammadi hopes to bring inspiration from that upbringing into her works in a complex or a simple way. Her passion for Graphic Design stems from the belief that design has a magical ability to communicate without using a single word. Golmohammadi's interest lies in architecture and the design of those technical pieces, and she hopes to bring that unique design experience and background into her study of architecture and painting. Golmohammadi's Mechanisms at Work pays homage to this architectural interest by displaying animated loops of seemingly simple mechanisms. She hopes that as the viewer gets lost and entranced in the simple movements of the systems in place, the viewer begins to analyze how complex the movements truly are in order to make the mechanisms run smoothly. Golmohammadi explores the concept that machines, which are created to perform “simple tasks,” actually encapsulate great levels of complexity within. Rather than complex systems' stemming from simply coordinated instructions, she delves into the opposite. Golmohammadi's uses pastel colors and loops to visually stimulate and enrapture the viewer into the mesmerizing world that she has created, with hopes of engaging them into thinking less about the meaning and more about the intricacies that the systems are comprised of.