Sewers and Skylines


Sewers and Skylines by Nicole Sack is an ode to New York City in many ways. From her early middle school years to current day, she has made it a goal to experience all sides of film production, from acting, to set production, to post production. Sack has gained a love and fascination for movie trailers as a component of film production. Trailers portray upcoming attractions as if they are the most exciting and memorable experience possible for the audience. Sack has dedicated her artistic practice to understanding all of the components that go into the end product: The Film. The movie trailer format gives the city the type of celebrity aspect that it truly embodies. Sewers and Skylines, is meant to put New York City on the same pedestal that any other movie receives. It shows the city as more than just a one-dimensional character, as it can be both the heroin and the villain, the heartthrob and the heartbreaker, the ever-changing metropolis and the forever unchanged hometown.