Wanna Cyber?


Nadine Mamane's Wanna Cyber? is an installation that explores the relationship between contemporary sexuality and the use of technology, examining how tangible and intangible forms of technology and social media shape a user's understanding and experiences towards sex and identity. Mamane takes a multifaceted approach to her subject, having first conducted 60 interviews with individuals ranging from 25 to 30 years old, to develop a deeper understanding about their thought processes, beliefs, and opinions about their internet use for sexual exploration. Mamane’s research cumulates into four key themes on engagement; 1) Accessibility: the pivotal role of the iPhone, which allowed the participants to manage their social and sexual connections more efficiently, 2) Affordability: participants used various internet platforms and applications for sexual exploration at little to no cost, 3) Anonymity: participants felt less vulnerable exploring and communicating their sexual wants, needs, and desires behind the screen, 4) Control: participants were able to manage the exchange of information between themselves and potential sexual partners online by way of online platforms and dating apps. Therefore, Mamane appropriates twelve iPhones, which are mounted together on a board, each playing video loops that contain an assortment of sexual, intimate, and romantic themes to convey the four themes of her research and its relationship to human sexual behavior. Thoughtfully produced, Nadine Mamane’s Wanna Cyber? opens a much needed dialogue about our own sexual lives and the implications of our experiences with technology, and what we could possibly further learn and experience as technology and social media continue to become integral parts of our lives.