The Shatter of Fear and the Self


Mikiann McIntosh is a New York based animator who focuses on themes and topics surrounding mental health. As such, McIntosh's animation The Shatter of Fear and the Self visually depicts the relationship between the viewer and the pervasive subject of fear. McIntosh uses a visual rendering of the human body on screen, which experiences disturbances caused by the emotions of anxiety, anxiousness, and inquietude. The vibe of these unstable emotions take place in a gray gloomy void, with rhyme that plays on the shattering of control. McIntosh portrays the visuals of growing nervousness and irrationality as fear clouds our vision and judgments. As emotions get stronger, the more challenges are placed onto oneself. Thus, once the brain meets it ultimate demise, the body too becomes completely corrupt, losing its stability through various means and meets its final stage of a shattered self.