Out of Bounds


As a social practice to rebel against the authorization of a white-dominated art world, Out of Bounds creates an Artificial Reality (AR) environment utilizing Unity software integration with smartphone cameras to create an open-source digital gallery featuring the work of visual artists overlaid on public, found space. The project will serve as a demonstration of an alternative beyond the conventional avenues of the gallery or museum, thus putting the power of representation in the hands of the creators. In Out of Bounds, the viewers travel to a public location to view the digital gallery. A location point and a URL link to download the application software are provided on the monitor’s screen in the New Media Artspace. Provided on screen is a Google doc with general instructions on how to create an AR environment using Unity Editor, Vuforia Engine, and smartphones so that visitors, visual artists, and others can use the same combination to create their own spaces to show their artwork and projects in AR. Through Out of Bounds, Matthaeus Choo Tung builds a new platform of art representation that is free to the public, maintained by creators of their content, and not associated with established foundations of artistic representation.