Sequence of XY


Hannah Tran explores the daily interactions of people through snippets of bodily movement across various moments in time in her film, Sequence of XY. Bodies collide and touch, leaving traces of themselves in every encounter. Yet, these physical, fleeting moments often mean little to us as a people. As such, Tran seeks to bridge time and space across people in different walks of life to reflect how even the smallest encounters bear tangible consequences that ripple onto the next individual. Across the panels, which are structured in a way that prompts the viewer to follow the flow of human interaction, the bodies smoothly interchange places and transcend time differences. Thus, the realities in which they live in are invariably shared. Tran demonstrates that despite the inclination to remain oblivious to those around us, it is necessary to introspectively think about our daily encounters in consideration that our actions start with and end with us. She proposes that we are inextricably linked to, integrated with, and felt among many lives. Tran combines the different motions of people to ultimately create a timely sequence which renders a chain of choreographed movements, but the ability to synchronize different people together within the same spaces enhances our inherent linkage with others.