Through Your Eyes


Through Your Eyes is Goeun Yoon’s latest video installation that expands the perspective of the viewer. Through Your Eyes is a short film of Yoon’s daily, sundry moments, with the sole auditory supplement being the organic and environmental sounds. Although these moments are rather individualized to Yoon's life, she films them in an interpretive way, allowing the viewer to form their own conjecture and meaning. Yoon utilizes human cognition and recognition to highlight the freedom of interpretation through perspective, eliciting a rather personalized connection to the footage from the viewer. She inspires the viewer to consider an alternate perspective, or another person's lived experiences, and incorporate the feelings and thoughts of a stranger into their lives in hopes of deepening their capacity to connect with humans. If a person can grow to understand someone else, then their life will be a little bit more alive, a little bit fuller than before. Therefore, Yoon seeks to leave a lasting impression on the viewer with simple images of mundane happenings. With the prospect that they will consider other peoples' visions and experiences going forward, Yoon believes that having this ability will pave the way for better societies.