Buy Back Your Childhood


Buy Back Your Childhood by Daphnelly Delacruz is a satirical comment on childhood memories and its connection to consumerism. In a society where the paradox of an unattainable adulthood and a forgettable childhood is omnipresent, many are made to perceive a gap between the two. It is this sense of disconnect that leads one to hoard and amalgamate memories into "memorabilia". In this constant attempt to find meaning through other objects and systems, one may be lulled into a cyclical consumerist agenda. Delacruz aims to highlight and over exaggerate this notion of childhood "memorabilia" by creating a website where adults may “buy back” their childhood memories through materialistic objects. Through engagement with the website, Delacruz hopes to provide an opportunity for self-realization and also encourages individuals to question their own collection of "memorabilia." She communicates the message that recalling memories through materialistic objects is a gimmick and that childhood and adulthood are on a spectrum- rather than on two separate planes.