Busayo Andesaya's interactive fashion game, Hypebeastrama, explores capitalism represented in the “hypebeast” culture and street fashion that is prominent in NYC. The only way to win is by retrieving all brand items, and failing to do so results in an automatic loss. This highlights how brand perception critically influences consumer demand, which is especially apparent in the hypebeast market. Just as real life hypebeasts commit to great lengths just to retrieve brand name drops, the participant will experience a simulation of what it means to be a part of this culture. The player will understand how the continuous crave to get the next “best thing” perpetuates an endless cycle, or game, of remaining relevant in society. Thus, the coveted streetwear that hypebeasts wear is more than apparel; it becomes and consumes the person wearing it. As such, if clothes are aspects of identity and self-expression, then hypebeasts will continue their search for popular brand name drops if it means that they can feel confident about their appearance. Social hierarchy evidently becomes the driving force that fuels consumerism, allowing for the development of hypebeast culture to take root. In essence, Hypebeastrama effectively showcases how consumers play into the hands of capitalism.